As the body ages, the amount of collagen naturally present in the skin begins to decline. By the time a person turns 70 up to 80% of the skin’s youthful body is gone, leaving behind thin, sagging skin. A facelift is one option for removing the sagging skin brought on by aging.


However, for those who are not ready for a full facelift, there is an alternative: Nova Threads. 

Nova Threads are used in a procedure known as a thread lift. This lift procedure involves placing temporary sutures, the Nova Threads, in the face to pull the skin back slightly. The strategic placement of these sutures helps to lift and tighten the face. 

Advantages of a Nova Thread Procedure 

Patients report numerous advantages of having a Nova Thread procedure. Here are just a few:


  • It is minimally invasive. The provider uses tiny needles to inject the Threads into the face at strategic points. There is virtually no risk of developing scars or bruises.


  • Recovery is fast and easy. The procedure is done under local anesthetic. For most patients, that means they can go back to work immediately with minimal soreness.


  • The treatment takes less than an hour. In most cases, the procedure takes between 30 and 45 minutes from start to finish.


  • There is no downtime. You can drive yourself home or back to work after the procedure. You don’t need to take strong pain relievers or have anyone take care of you afterward.

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