Rejuvenate Your Face with a Modern Skin Resurfacing Procedure

When your face is aging, you can reverse the process with Erbium resurfacing at our medical spa. In less than an hour, you can undergo a minimally invasive facial treatment that is designed for reducing your fine lines and wrinkles.


While plastic surgery requires incisions and stitches along with a long recovery time, this specialized facial rejuvenating procedure has no downtime. You can return to your daily life after having, and everyone will think that you look wonderful.

You Won’t Experience any Skin Burning

We use a laser to remove the correct layers of your facial skin to eliminate an assortment of problems such as scars, blemishes and moles along with wrinkles or fine lines. This type of facial procedure is designed for eliminating superficial to moderate skin problems from your face so that you won’t need to have invasive plastic surgery. One of the best things about the laser used for this type of facial is that it won’t cause any problems in the surrounding upper or lower skin tissue of the face.

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This facial skin process takes place in a relaxing medical spa in a private room while you recline in a special chair. The cool Erbium resurfacing laser technique offers additional benefits such as stimulating your skin’s cells so that your body releases more collagen and elastin.


After your facial ends, you will notice results right away, but your skin will continue to improve gradually from the natural elastin and collagen that creates a youthful appearance.


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